Diffuse text in a Textbox




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If you have a input textbox in your application, and you dont want people around you to see it, then you can use this technique!


This technique DOES NOT encrypt the text in anyway, so this is NOT a secure way to handle sensitive information! This technique only diffuses the visible input box while keeping the orginal text inside the application for later use.

Here is a preview of how it can look like:

The basic idea of this technique, is when the text is changed inside the textbox, I store the text in a global variable and I change the text inside the textbox into a diffused text (in this example I use '*' as diffusion). So by doing it this way, I still have the orginal text inside the application, so I can use it later on, but what the user sees is only the diffused text.

Next I will break down the technique to show how it is done!


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