Deploy your C2 game to iOS - The easy way.

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

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- You need a iOS Developer Account.

- You need to create your app in iTunes Connect before continuing here.

- Don't worry about the certificates and provisioning files! XCode will create them for you. (Yay!)

- You don't need to buy a mac.


*Update: Game is now live on iTunes. It's free so check it out:

I recently used a combination of VMware and Ejecta to publish one of my iOS apps, Epic Space: Insurgence, after a few weeks of hair pulling.


On to the good stuff

It's March 15th 2014 and CocoonJS is... broken.

No one from Ludei is responding to your requests for help. Your app is free -- and it needs a working leaderboard, in app purchases, iAds and more. (Because you have to eat).

Ashley is busy working on Websockets and probably doesn't notice that some developers are facing a dilemma. (And would probably tell you to take your problems up with Ludei anyway.)

You're starting to think you're screwed.

- Intel XDK is clunky.

- Phonegap is... Adobe.

There is no official, stable, and easy way to get your Construct 2 game into the hands of iDouches! What do you do?

Even if Ludei releases a more stable version of CocoonJS, Scirra has to import it, test it and more, or the plugin may have an unforeseen problem. Then you'll find yourself in yet another bind. You need a more stable solution:


Introducing Ejecta

It's free, open source and probably your BEST solution to deploy stable iOS games.


Game Center – Use Game Center's Leaderboards and Achievements

In App Purchases – Use the AppStore's In App Purchases

iAds – Show iAd Banners in your game

With this sucker in your toolbox, you'll speed up development time, test easily in XCode, and have one less company hoop to jump through (Yuck!).

The Steps:

1. Download the Ejecta Kitchen and place on your Desktop.

2. Place your Construct 2(unminified only) HTML5 Exported files into the App folder

3. Run Either EjectaXporter_2d.bat or EjectaXporter_WebGL.bat depending on your preference (They both work great at this time. Rename them to .txts to see exactly what they do.)

Then finally move the entire Ejecta_Kitchen1-4 Folder to a place that's accessible on your network. You'll load up your VMware Mac and access in a moment.


You don't need to buy a Mac! Use VMware! It's such a life saver.

1. Follow the instructions here: How to setup OS X 10.9 with VMware - Windows 8.1

2. Move the Ejecta_Kitchen-14 (Which has your C2 Export files) some where on your desktop.

3. Load up the Xcode Project and test!

It doesn't have to be difficult, you may encounter challenges, but if this solution didn't save me time and energy, I wouldn't have written this here tutorial.


TL;DR? Checkout my video

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Your Thoughts:

- Are you having problems with CocoonJS?

- Did you incorporate Ads and a Leaderboard? (What lead me to Ejecta.)

- What kind of process are you using now that blows mine away?

Please share in the comments below.


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