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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Recently in my project I was looking to set Array instance variable but there was no such option for Array, so I made custom Array from default.

This is my first plugin so please comment if something could be done easier or better.

Default plugins folder is C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5\plugins\ (you may need administrator rights).

1. Copy content of folder 'array' to another folder named 'carray'

2. Open edittime.js file and change following:

at line 4:

"name": "Array",

"id": "Arr",

change to

"name": "CArray",

"id": "CArray",

at line 11:

"type": "object", // not in layout

change to

"type": "world", // in layout

3. Open runtime.js file and change following:

at line 9:

cr.plugins_.Arr = function(runtime)

change to

cr.plugins_.CArray = function(runtime)

at line 16:

var pluginProto = cr.plugins_.Arr.prototype;

change to

var pluginProto = cr.plugins_.CArray.prototype;

at line 75:

instanceProto.onCreate = function()

change to

instanceProto.draw = function(ctx){}

instanceProto.onCreate = function()

4. Restart Construct2 and try to insert new object.

CArray will be shown near the Array in section Data&Storage. You will be able to add instance variables to this object.

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