Creation of a TextBox for Only one Digit bound from 0 to 9

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Have you ever tried to use construct 2 as a way to provide a fully functional web formulary?

If so, you'll probably have found that it's not quite an easy task. Far from being a program to manage data in a scientific way, construct 2 is oriented to game management, graphics, animations and so on...

But it is not an impossible task. As you can find here, there is a way (Perhaps one among hundreds) to get a data interface for integer numbers from 0 to 9 in a clean way.

Here you can find the image:

And please, find attached the project's capx.

You'll find also an instance variable called buffer, wich allow you to manage the number obtained, turning it into a Str, a Int...etc...whatever.

I'm open to comments and further improvements of this code.



Download now 181.97 KB

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