Creating a smooth sliding effect with Lerp

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UPDATE: 18-09-2012

Check out EaseTween!

I recommend to check out the EaseTween behaviour as well. It will save you time, and add awesome effects!

Edit(Might also be Buggy sometimes!)

Here is a comparison of my lerp slide, and slides using EaseTween:

Comparison of Lerp and Ease Tween in project.

EaseTween can be found here:



While I am working on a project for a competition I made this CAPX you might find useful.

I use it to create slides that look like a PowerPoint presentation.

Sneak Peak:

Slide Example


OK, let's talk a little about Lerp:


Lerp is a VERY useful function.

It takes 3 values. A, B, and C.

A and B are are the two moving points, and C is the percentage between them and is usually a number between 0 and 1 ( 0 = 0%, 1 = 100%)

So if we set lerp to A,B, 0,5; we get the point right in between A and B.

Simple eh?

Now In the Capx there is a Variable for all 3 Lerp values, but let's focus on whats making it slide, the Variable for C.

Every Tick we are adding: 1 dt* to C, this means that over 1 second, C goes from 0 to 1 (or 0% to 100%).

So it goes from slide A to slide B in one second.. SMOOTH!

More info inside the Capx :)


The CAPX is very well commented, so that should be enough for you to learn of :) Else I will add more when I am done with my current project.

Here is the CAPX:



Bye for now, I gotta Finnish my Competition entry!


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