Creating your own Leaderboard / Highscores Easy and Free (PHP & MySQL) [UPDATED 2020]

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Highscores in Construct 2

We have our PHPs ready. Now you only need to call these PHPs to read/write scores from your Construct 2 game!

Open your game and do the following steps:

1. Right Click and "Insert new object". Select Web -> AJAX

2. Open the highscore_example.capx to help you

3. You need a "Score" variable

4. You need a "DOMAIN_SCORES" constant. Write here your free domain! Where your phps are uploaded. Example: ""

Reading Scores

To read scores from your server database, take a look to the example .capx attached to this tutorial.

Line 2:

Here an AJAX Request reads the php file "getscores.php" from your server

Line 3:

"On Completed" the Reading of Scores, we will receive the data in Ajax.LastData. Here is the actions we will do:

a) Set the group "Do Array" active: to show a Top 10 Leaderboard with names and scores

b) Read the Best Score #1 (name and score) and write that in a Text field.

Do Array:

This group reads the 10 scores received and populates the Text fields.

Scores are received as a string with the following format: name1|score1|name2|score2|name3|score3...


We split this info using the separator "|". To access any of them you can use this:

"Best Score: " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 0, "|") & " - " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 1, "|")


"1st best score: " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 0, "|") & " - " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 1, "|")

"2nd best score: " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 2, "|") & " - " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 3, "|")

"3rd best score: " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 4, "|") & " - " & tokenat(AJAX.LastData, 5, "|")


Sending Scores

For sending scores, you can read the example .capx:

Line 8:

When you click "Submit", your typed name and the score (randomly generated in this example) will be sent to 'savescores.php'

Line 9:

This is an example of doing some action when the score sending is succesfully "Completed". In this case, we will reload again the best scores. And we write a Text message "Score Saved!"

BONUS: Get Player's Rank

Want to know your Rank? By popular demand, a 'getrank.php' file has been included inside this tutorial. You call this file like this: [YOUR-DOMAIN]/getrank.php?score=57 (use the current player's best score)


This will check all the scores in the database higher than '57'. Let's say we have scores '100' and '93' and '48'. Then the php file will return rank: '3' for score '57'. Because with your score we found 2 better guys, so you are number 3.

This is included in the .capx example.

What's Next?

This is a basic High Score system to learn the basics. Once you understand well what is happening behind the scenes, I suggest you to play around and make a few improvements.

Here is a list of a few things you can do:

  • Add an 'email' field/column to your 'scores' table.
  • Add a 'time' column to your 'scores' table to save when the score was submitted.
  • You can have scores separated by 'level' or by 'difficulty' (easy, medium, hard).
  • Prevent Cheating. Idea: Add a secret key when you send scores to [YOUR-SITE]/savescores.php?name=john&score=51&hash=[7hdndid2in2d...]. Then you can decypher this key inside 'savescores.php' and it should correspond with the submitted score. This way you guess if the score is real or fake. If the score/key is invalid, you don't save it to the DB. Idea 2: "record" player's input and save it (moves, rand seed, etc). Replay the game and check if the score is correct.
  • Only One (the best) score per person.
  • If you have 2 or more games on the same DB, you will need different table names. Like "flappybird-scores" and "stickninja-scores".
  • Inside your .capx you can make Leaderboard pages, like: page 1 [scores 1-10], page 2 [scores 11-20], etc.

Final Words

Any other thing you need to do, leave your questions. You can find great PHP and MySQL tutorials on Also try Google, there is a lot of info on PHP and scores, etc.

Hope you find this tutorial useful. Let your comments at the bottom!

Enjoy and thanks for reading!



Download now 180.37 KB

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  • Great tutorial for a refresher. Ive just finished reading through the tutorial and will soon be implementing the PHP.

  • [FIXED] The scripts save/get should be updated according to the latest PHP formatting rules. After fiddling after a bit I found that in the save.php you should remove the "id" parts when inserting the score.

  • Hi! Thanks a lot for this tutorial and for giving us the example projects and folders! This is really what users want!

    Could you please explain how could I improve/edit the design of the leaderboard tables? What would be the method? I there a way I can create the design on a software like Dreamweaver and have this php/mysql leaderboard implemented? Ou maybe even edit the design as a page/post on Wordpress?

    Lastly, would you be wiling to help me doing this for a work project of mine? Off course I'll be glad to pay something.

    All the best,

  • Great tutorial! Worked great!

    At first, I wanted my leaderboard to update real-time, requesting the table about once per second, but then my website got shut down for requesting 1000 times more than I was allowed too! Oops!

    Anyways, thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Hi

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've managed to get everything working except for 2 issues:

    1: My leaderboard is only showing the top 5 results (the other 4 lines on screen are just showing the default 0 0.

    2: When I sort the results into ASC order (as I want to show the fastest time as the best score) the rank is always wrong by 1. I played the game for the first time and submitted my score and my rank came up as 2. This continues to be wrong with each new entry. I've checked my database and there are the correct number of entries. Am I doing something wrong? How can I amend it so it is correct?

    Can you help? I'd be so grateful!

    • Hey! Glad you liked it!

      1. Some things to consider.

      - Are there more than 5 scores in the Database?

      - Maybe Construct2 is not deecting the Text boxes? Delete all the Text boxes and add them again.

      2. In the PHP file getrank.php it adds +1. Find this line:

      // Print the rank (the number of people who have better score than you + 1)

      echo ($i + 1);

      Then delete the +1 part.

      Hope it helps fix the issues! :)

      • Thank you for replying! Rank was still out using the advice above but fixed it another way (I hope).

        I've definitely got more than 5 scores in the database. It's updating the leaderboard order OK when I submit a new result but still nothing after row 5 (just 0 0). Have tried twice to delete and re-add text boxes (do I need to set/add anything else in the layout? It is hard to tell from your example file - there are lots of additional textScore & textNames but assume that is just for your version? Couldn't see that they were referenced anywhere within the project). Is there anything else you can think of that might be affecting it and need changing? It's so odd.

        • I figured it out, for some reason, the array size is set to only have 10 items in it, you need to make it bigger before you start adding things to it.

          Hope this helps!

          • So in getscores.php I have changed it to this so I get 12 lines of results??:

            // Retrieve data from database

            $sql = "SELECT *

            FROM scores

            ORDER BY score

            LIMIT 24"; // The 'LIMIT 24' part will only read 24 scores. Feel free to change this value

            $result = mysqli_query($con, $sql);

            I currently have 10 scores in my database but my leaderboard is still only showing 5 scores. Is there anything else I need to change in php files or in Construct to adjust the array size?

            Thank you for looking into this for me. It has nothing to do with the initial values being 0 does it? and since 0 is a faster 'time' than other results in my database that it is showing these instead? Although the 0s are not being ordered at the top of the leaderboard so I'm guessing that isn't what's happening. The returned rank IS taking into account all the database records so I still haven't a clue.

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