Creating Isometric Pixel Art From Scratch

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Section 3: What is an Isometric tile

Well I don't want to bore my viewers so I will try and keep the mathematical and wiki type information away and have a simple explanation for you.

Isometric is a type of camera projection, and anything that you learn for creating Pixel Art within this camera projection will most likely apply to the other camera projections too, but being Isometric it does add a layer of complexity to how we have to create the art. Environment tiles are ten times easier to create than characters when it comes to the Isometric related game art. I will cover all of these, both static tiles and animated as well as animated characters, the character tutorials will follow much later though.

I aim to start on the easier side of things to build up your skill slowly before attempting the more advanced stuff, I will show you in the following tutorials how to approach creating your own Isometric game art with a modular set of building blocks to start from. It's easier to work from a template that we create ourselves to ensure that everything fits right, and this is what I will be doing in this first tutorial (part 1)

Often games will use 3D renders for their isometric titles but some of us don't have the time, resources or knowledge as to how to efficiently get that done, so I'm here to show you how you can create Isometric tiles with just and some creativity.


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