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Creating Effects C2

Note these effects only works with WEBGL ONLY

Someone said how one can create effects for TEXTBOX Shiva. I replied there are many ways one can create effects in Construct 2. This person was using GM and said it was easy for him to create effects in GM. Well my answer to that was if you know the Scripts of GM then yes but without it no way. On other hand C2 has effects are fantastic and you don’t need any Scripts only one has to play around with effects setting and presto. One can create effects as he or she like; more or less depend on one’s imagination. Without any mumbo jumbo let’s see what we can do!

Open C2 and create new project. Name it as you like. For windows size and layer see my capx (download it and see).

Note these effects only works with WEBGL ONLY

To create effects in C2 all we do is add effects behaviour. Let’s say you want random colour for your text or text heading.

Create textbox and name it txtHeading and enter text of your choice.

Click on Effects behaviour

Box will open like below

Click + plus sign and another box will open up like below

Now as you can see all the effects are here in this Effects box. All this effects need WEBGL ONLY

Now look for FX call ReplaceColor and click it to add. Box looks like this below


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