Creating a clean sprite sheet

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Hi all this is my 1st tutorial, so I hope it proves useful to beginners. I've decided to write this tutorial due to the fact that I rip sprites from sites only to find I have to organise them to work with Construct 2's awesome 'import sprite strip feature'.

1. Get a sprite sheet like the 1 below as you can see the individual images are not aligned and would cause undesired results if used with constructs 2 import sprite strip feature

2. First thing to do is (I use Photoshop) but you use whatever your most used to, set your grid lines to show.

3. Set your gridlines to whatever your individual images require for their own space (mine is 50pixels)

4. Now you just move all the sprites in order in their own little boxes like below, make adjustments to the gridlines as required. Once this is done you can disable grid lines.

5. Using the Magic Erasure Tool I delete the pink background colour

6. Save this as a PNG as this format allows for the transparency (alpha channel) to be carried over.

7. Now when you import your sprite strip you just input the number of images you have horizontal and vertical in their respective boxes :)


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