How to create a Scirra leaderboard



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Hey, want to create a leaderboard for your Scirra Arcade game? I have seen many questions about this so here's a tutorial!

I assume that your game is ready for publishing to Scirra Arcade.

So, first thing first, you will start with inserting the Scirra Arcade plug-in and rename it like you want, but it needs to be renamed.

You will add an action "send score" with the Scirra Arcade object where you want your game to finish. You will enter the name of the leaderboard and the score to submit (it should be a variable).

That's it for the game. Now, let's return to Scirra Arcade.

So once you submitted your game to Scirra, you will go on Edit Leaderboards (near the description of the game). You will create one and name it the same name that you've put previously in the game events. Edit the details if needed and that's it!

Hope that it helped you!


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  • can't find the "edit leaderboards" anywhere on the scira arcade site or my game's description area