How to create a platform game with shooting teleportation.



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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Hello, in this tutorial we will create a character and when you shoot the ball touches the wall teleport us there.

We'll use a sprite to the floor, one for the character, one for the bullet and will use particles.

It's simple:

Step 1:

- Create sprite floor, put solid performance.

- Create a character and put sprite platform behavior.

- Create a sprite for the bullet and put the bullet behavior.

- Create particles

- Create keyboard.

Step 2:

Once settled sprites, go to the tab events.

Add event, Keyboard> On Z pressed.

Add sub event to keyboard: |Player is mirrored|

add action: |player spawn bullet on layer 1(image point 1)

add action: | bullet |set angle to 180 degrees|

copy and past prev code and invert. Modify set angle to "0"

Add new event: |bullet| on collition and other objet ground|

add actions: |player set position to bullet|

add action: |player spawn particles on layer 0 (image point 0)

add action: |bullet|destroy|

Add new event: |keyboard|on left arrow pressed|

add action: |player|set mirrored|

add action: |bullet set mirrored|

add new action: |keyboard| on right arrow pressed|

add action: |player| set not mirrored|

add action: |bullet| set not mirrored|


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