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Hola, welcome to another tutorial written by yours truly :')

Now that the cringy intro is out of the way let me go through what we will accomplish by the end of this tutorial.

Section 1


What we will be doing: By the end of this tutorial you will have a background that will scroll on it's own and seamlessly (depending on the background). Downloading the given Capx file will show you what we will be doing, feel free to copy the script but I recommend doing it yourself so it sticks with you :)

Setting up

To setup you will need the following things:

1. Free version of Construct 2 (or bought).

2. A background.

3. Around 5 minutes of time.

Your background should be a tiled background once put into the engine. You need to double the size of it either vertically or horizontally depending on which way you want it to scroll. Scrolling right would mean that you want to double the width and put a minus ( - ) in front of the new number, if you want it to scroll left then double the width but DON'T put a minus. Scrolling up would mean you want to double the height and put a minus ( - ), scrolling down would mean you double the height but DON'T put the minus. You want to make sure that you have the doubled bit OUTSIDE of the layout.

For a reference look at the capx file.

You want your image point to be in the top left


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