Create Continuously Scrolling Tiled Backgrounds (Textures)




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Rotating Tiles/Textures

This is very simple, it consists of creating a tiled background(texture) and applying a rotating behavious. The textures are sized very large so that if their point of rotation is on the edge of the layout, the texture edge still won't be scene.


- As before create the Tiled Background objects

- Add the object 'behaviour' rotate to each.



- Open up the events editor.

- Enter the code below


Note: The Tiled backgrounds are named generically here.


Explaination: So that the textures are always large enough, both their height and width has been set to twice the longest length or the layout (width in this case).


Please refer to the video tutorial, the Scirra Arcade upload or the .capz file for more information concerning these.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.







1- As pointed out by 'Yann'. Instead of using each tick to time the movement of the texture. Use delta time (dt) instead to ensure smoother movement un-restricted to FPS. As suggested:


"It would look like:

Global number speed = 100 // in pixel by second

Every tick -> set Y to Arrow_Small.Y speed*dt

Arrow_Small: Y > 0 -> Arrow_Small: set Y to self.Y-256"


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