How to create a 8-bit style Side Scrolling Shooter [Construct 2/3 - Tutorial 001-010]

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

Hi everyone, I have made a 10 video tutorial to show how to create a Side-Scrolling Shooter with 8-bit style Pixel Art in Construct 2 / 3

This video is made for absolute beginner and will guide you to the first step to have a basic game working.

Each video has a list of topic that is explained in details, and you can jump to see the ones that you are most interested in.


Tutorial 001 - Side Scrolling Shooter (Pixel Art) 001 [Player Creation]

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0:00 Game version and author

3:14 Setting Window Size

5:12 Setting Layout Size

5:54 Create the first sprite

8:45 Pixel Art settings

11:59 Different ways to create the level

16:23 Different ways to code

18:34 Importing image to use for our sprite

19:28 Moving the spaceship (8 Direction Behavior)

23:52 Keeping the spaceship inside the screen (Bound to layout Behavior)

25:07 Collision polygon (box) and Origin Point

30:32 Create the bullet (drawing & animation)

34:05 Move the bullet (Bullet Behavior)

36:50 Layouts & Event Sheets

38:53 Bullet (Destroy Outside Layout Behavior)

40:13 Shoot the bullet using the spacebar of the keyboard

43:30 Layers

45:31 Adding new Image Points

47:22 Change settings to create a different kind of bullet

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