Create a 3D Rotational Animation Without 3D Models (or Animation)

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You can use the Sine behaviour to give an object a smooth, faux 3D rotational effect - all inside one single frame of (non) animation.

The object won't have a full rotation, but for situations where something turns slightly in one direction and then the next this could be handy, both because of the smoothness of the transition, and the fact that it only requires one frame and half an image (and thus saves on memory and download size).

You can use either a structure (like a pipe or pillar) or a person's face as an example. Save either of the images below (the pillar works best) or create your own (or track your own down in a Google image search.)

If you choose to find your own, you'll have to cut the object in half in either GIMP or Photoshop (or whatever you use), then insert the half-object into Construct.

Give the half-object the Sine behaviour, choose Width as its movement, and give it a low (this is important) magnitude if it's a face or a higher magnitude if it's the pillar. I used a Magnitude of 10 for the face - any higher and I think it deforms too much. For the pillar 50, 75, or 100 works nicely.

Now copy and paste the half object next to itself, then drag its opposing handle across itself to quickly flip (mirror, essentially) the object.

Drag the two halves together until they form a full object, then hit F5, and watch as your face subtly tells you 'no', over and over again, or as the pillar starts to rotate one way, and then back again.

There are some issues with this, namely that you will see a slight deformation in some objects (in faces the eyes deform noticeably), but this is controllable by keeping the magnitude low.


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