Countdown timer: Creating one

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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Hey users! This is how to create countdown timers.

Creating User Interface

To start, add a "UI" layer. To make objects in this layer "float" set the properties scale rate and parallax to 0.

Adding a global variable

It is easy! Add a variable named Timer. Set value to any number (60 for me) and click the OK button.

Exception:Do not place 0.

Adding an object

To see the timer, add a text object and place it in the topmost layer.

Text must be set to Time.

Events: Adding event

To make it work, add en event.


System>Every Tick


System>Subtract from(Subtract dt from Timer)

Text>Set text(Set text to Timer)

Another condition:

System>Compare to variable(Timer=0)

Another action:

System>Restart layout


Run the game. Do you see it work?


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  • I followed the tutorial but when I do Every thik subtract 1 from Time it starts at 60 and then numbers with a comma appear ... 59.000005 can you help me?

  • I am attempting this on the free version. My event sheet looks like this ....

    Timer is static.

    Global Timer =45

    System | Every 1.0 seconds | System | Subtract 1 from Timer

    | Text | Set Text to Text.Timer

    | Text | Subtract 1 from Timer

    System | Timer = 0 | System | Restart layout

    This worked but only reset once. On the second countdown it kept going into negative numbers and didn't reset. Without the second Text subtract it wont work.

    I will make more attempts.

    • i had the same issue and i solved it as below:

      I add:

      + System: On start of layout -> Timer: Set text to Timer


      + System: Timer = 0 -> System: Reset global variables to default

      Also dont forget to destroy Timer Text at the end of the layout/level.