How to make a cool and "realistic" water effect

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Today, you will learn how to make a cool water effect for your games using WebGL Effects

First, create a new tiled background named "Water"

After that go to Google for "Water Textures" and go to images.

Select a simple image, not too polluted, after that we will go back there in Construct 2!

Add the image / texture you downloaded in the tiledbackground.

After that, click on the object and the properties, go on the effects bar and click on "Effects"

Press the "+", and search for "Water Background", and then click "Add"

Now let's set up our water effect ...

Enter the settings described in the image below:

And finally to make the "Realistic" look perfect, put the opacity of the water in 50%

Look now at an example of water use with a "Mounted" platform scenario ...

*Final Tips:

1) You can increase the level of "Reflectivity" to create a beautiful look, but do not overdo it.

2) Test various levels of speeds and see which one you like best.

3) Stir in the "Delta" settings, and see which level of distortion best fits the game.

4) Remember, never overdo it with effects.

5) Depending on the graphic style of your game, use simpler water textures that fit the game better!*

**Tutorial Credits:

Written by: BrenuTV

Images by: BrenuTV

Translation by: BrenuTV

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Download now 1.58 MB

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