Controlling objects using device's mic in construct 2 !

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Hello.This is my first tutorial . My English is not very good so, Ehmm!

In this tutorial you will learn how to control objects using the device's mic.

Construct 2 isn't "that" powerful than it seems , it's "more" than that !

The good news : "You don't have to download any additional files" ,everything comes with c2!

How do i got the idea?

I was just checking out the examples that come with c2. I saw the "Microphone Input" project.I opened it and got the idea!

How it works

It just uses the microphone input project that comes with c2 as its engine.

Lets get started !

Launch Construct 2.Click the file button,and select open .

Head over to C:\Program Files\Construct2\examples and open Microphone Input.

It will look like this :

Now move everything (except the microphone input button) to out of the layout(see image)

Now add a new tiled background and use the bucket tool to fill the image ( you can also use your own images)

Add a new sprite called "Player" to the project.

Now the project should look like this :

Add the solid behavior to the ground sprite and add the platform behavior to the player sprite. (by clicking the sprite and clicking the Add behavior button at the left side of the screen.

Now head over to event sheet and add a new event , double click "Rmsmeter" and click on compare height and select greater than or equal to from the drop -down menu and set the Height to 120 . Add action and double-click the "player" sprite you created before and select "simulate control" and select "jump" and click done.

Delete the FrequencyBin object.

Now hit play button and say something or blow loudly in your mic and you will notice that the player will jump

This way you can create advance games with mic support!

Lazy ? download the capx !



Download now 294.24 KB

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