Make your Construct 2 project "backward compatible"




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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


Imagine that you are using a stable version of Construct 2, then you want to try a beta. You edited a text in a new version, then you realize when you run the game, the beta one has a bug that haven't fixed. It makes you angry. Then you reinstall the stable one. You open your project again and it can't open it because you have edited a text in the new version??? You will be angry, won't you?

So in this tutorial, I will show you how to make your project "backward compatible."

Note that it's not always successful. In some new versions, they have different (or new, edited) plugins. If your Construct 2 does not have required plugins, you can't open your project.

So we will make some practices.


- A Construct 2 project. Open it in r206 and open it again in r210

- Construct 2 r206 and r210 (for example)

Let's jump right in!


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