Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #13 - Show admob ads easily in game

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Hi Friends,

Today I want to show you how to add admob ads easily in your game. I know you will say there are many tutorials telling same but are they working for you? If not (like in my case) Then this tutorial is for you. I m gonna share steps below and video also for telling how to do that.

Download cocoon plugin from internet free

step 1: Add Cocoon ads plugin & add ids of ads from admob

step 2: on start of layout add load interstitial & load banner. Wait for some seconds then show ads like in video I do

Step 3: export as cordova and zip the www folder data

Step 4: after export login to and upload zip file there

step 5: add admob plugin and then compile

step 6: click on compile and wait

step 7: download apk as I do in video

You are done. Hurray. enjoy ads.

Feeling complicated? I have shown it in video.


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