Construct 2 - One Trick Everyday #10 - Erasable/rub/scratch images

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Hi Friends,

For writing this tutorial I took longer than expected time. I was busy with home shifting stuff. But as I am back now hope you will see new things everyday here. So lets start quickly.

Today gonna show you how to create scratchable/erasable/rubbing pic in construct 2.

There are different ways but I have used rex canvas plugin which is free to donwload.


1. Add canvas (rex plugin) spread it to the size you want to get erased.

2. Add image to it. It will work as foreground image.

3. Then upload background image. Keep it below canvas so that it only appears when user rubs front image.

4. Create a small erasable sprite this will act as eraser and in effect give it destination out.

5. Now add touch object and add event that when canvas is touch > erase object (sprite you created as eraser). Adding gif below of the result.

You might feel this is too much complex so no issues added video below to make things easy. If you find it helpful please like and share or subscribe.

If you face issue in watching watching then watch it directly in youtube


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