Como fazer o personagem dar um "Wall Jump"



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How to make a character "Wall Jump"

Adding the behavior

Click on your sprite of your character, then "Add / Edit - Behaviors," and add the behavior of motion "Platform".

(Your Character)> Add / Edit - Behaviors> "+"> Platform


Go to the Event Sheet adcione the current phase of the behavior of an event deck your character:

Sheet Event> New Event> (Your Character)> "Is wall by"> "Left"

After that duplicate this event and change his option "Left" to "Rigth"

(Ctrl + C then Ctrl + V)

Add the "Keyboard" object wait for 5 seconds, return to the Event Sheet. Là add a new condition:

Add action> Keyboard> On key pressed> "Click to choose"> Press the up key> Ok

Copy this condition in another event. After adcione other action:

Add action> (Your character)> Set Vector X> -500

Add action> (Your character)> Set Vector Y> -500

Copy the next event and ready, his "Wall Jump" can be used in your games! Remember, to be used in all stages, these events should be adiconados on all sheets event!

Good luck in building your game! : D


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