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In this tutorial I'll link free code examples for learning how to use CocoonIO and its plugins. You find an overview of all files here (along with the docs, demos and license):

Overview of Code Examples

Download Capx Examples


Examples using the CocoonIO plugins.

Cocoon - On Exit Message

CocoonCanvas - OpenURL (capx)


Examples using @cranberrygame 's plugins. In order to open the example files, please make sure that you have purchased and installed cranberrygame's cordova plugins.

Cocoon - Chartboost Ads

Cocoon - Exit Message (CordovaDialog)

Cocoon - GooglePlayGames (Cordova Game)

Cordova - InApp (capx)

Request an example

You miss something? Don't hesitate and write me (don't make requests in the comment area, I do not receive any notifications about comments. Send a PM instead)


Please see here:

License of the files

If you want to use the code snippets for your projects, please get an inexpensive license here (3$):

Cocoon Developer Templates

This collection will be extended, so check it regulary.


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