Cocoon (Android) - How to test InApp Products (IAP) without paying!

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It's very important to test and debug the game as long as possible. But how to test InApp Products without getting charge? Well it's pretty simple :)

Google Developer Console

Firstly you will need a new Tester Account. So create a new Google Account over here.

Create a Google Account

Note to use a diffrent email as in your Google Developer Account!

Once you got the Tester Account add the mail to to your "License Tester" section. You find this section in your Google Play Dev. Console "Settings".


Then upload your game in either the Alpha or the Beta section.

Please note that you must have included the "Billing" permission in the last uploaded APK file. This permission is included automatically when the "CocoonInApp" plugin is included in your C2 project.

Create ID's

Once your game has been uploaded to the Store you can create new Products for it. Create as many products as you need for your game and include them in your game. Once your game is ready for testing, build it again and upload it as well to Alpha/Beta.

Realease the game

Now you can release your game (let the APK file still in Alpha/Beta!!!!) Just add all needed information and publish the app. Then it will take a few hours till your beta link will be shown.

Open this link and click on "Become Tester". After that download the game from the store. This is important, then otherwise the IAP will not work (Error: You are not signed in to your Google Accoutn).


Now you can test your IAP.

You will not be charged for any purchases! Just check if there is a note like "Testing, you will not be charged for this purchase" (translated from german)

Cocoon - Game Store Template

We over a complete Game Store with InApp Purchases and in-game Coins over here!

Feel free to check it out.

Cocoon - Game Store (IAP + Coins)

You can test our demo here: Test our Game Store demo!


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