Choosing a character in a game

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Hi Constructors,

This tutorial shows how to select a character in a game.

Keyboard Controls:

Right Arrow

Left Arrow

Step 1

Load an image with a 4 frames in it and set the animation speed to 0. (see screen 1,2

Please note that each frame has its selections.

screen 1

screen 2

Step 2

Add the Events

Download the source link below.

Demo link


The logic of this is when the user presses Right Arrow, "ctr" variable is incremented by 1 and when Left Arrow is press, "ctr" is decremented by 1.

Looping the Selections:

The last two events check the condition if "ctr" is less than 0, set the "ctr" to 3 then if "ctr" is greater than 3, set the "ctr" to 0.

Please note that if you have more than 4 frames or selections, you need to adjust the number "3" as to the number of selections you have or you can use "AnimationFrameCount".

Please note that I am new to Construct 2.




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