Make a character walk on slopes and adjust angles appropriately

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

For this tutorial I used Construct 2 r178 free-edition

Step 1

Go to New - A dialog box will open up showing you a list of templates you can choose from

Select "Template : Platformer" - which is the one I used for this tutorial, but you can choose any template you want or start from scratch the choice is yours.

After your selection the project will open up

Step 2

Go to "Event sheet 1"

There you will see the following

At the bottom you will see where it says "Add event" - click it

Then you start adding the following events and you should be done:


Here is what it will look like when it's done:


I hope I did OK since this is my first tutorial. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or questions.



Download now 175.37 KB

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