Build a shoot-'em-up from Scratch [video tutorial]



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This tutorial hasn't been translated.


I made another video tutorial for Envato Gamedev TutsPlus.

The tutorial is composed of 5 parts that will be released over the 5 next weeks, and aimed at beginners using Construct2 free version.

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The introduction video

All the other videos/parts are available on Gamedev TutsPlus

You can play the game in Scirra's arcade here.

What is the best score you can come up with ? ;)

Don't hesitate to leave comments and questions on this tutorial or on tutsplus website as well as voting/rating this current tutorial's page.

EDIT: Part 2 is now online.

EDIT2: Part 3 is now online.

EDIT3: Part 4 is now online.

EDIT4: Part 5 (final) is now online.


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