How to build a basic top down shooting game in Construct 2



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After Thoughts

We do allot of science fiction (hence the name) games and are open to anyone looking to make some game art. We cannot promise any money because we are only just getting started

We love feedback so feel free to speak your mind about what we do. Please just avoid making it something insulting to us or another fellow commenter as that would be rude and uninformative.

We have several games in the works at the moment and are planning on posting a few of the demos for download in the forums. (Please do not copy our games but you can feel free to study them and see how we overcame obstacles in creating them)

We strive to help others in their own lives as a game developer and if you need any help or would like to make a request for a tutorial just ask. We will do our best to help everyone but we can not make any promises.

Note that we take no credit in any of the images we've posted on this tutorial and we strongly advise making your own images because later on you may need to know how to make images in an image editor.



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