Bridging JS and C2

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

History & Introduction

C2's JavaScript SDK was the only way to run your custom JS codes and reflect the changes in C2. Although it's well documented and relatively easy to learn, I guess, it is not everyone's cup of tea. It still requires some level of coding and a lot of works.

However, with the introduction of c2_callFunction in C2 version 175, integration of custom JS codes with C2 is never been that easier.

So, I decided to share how we can easily bridge calls between JS codes and C2's Function.


Here you will learn, how we can do a two-ways communication (from C2 to JS and JS to C2) and the usage.

To call JS from C2, there are a number ways. The easiest way would be the use of "Browser" object's "Execute Javascript" action. Since, it is not a new object or action, I will not make any explanation here.

The most excited part is to call/update C2 from JS. We can now use "c2_callFunction" form our JavaScript codes to call a Function inside C2 and pass parameters (texts or numbers only). Before you can use "c2_callFunction", you must first add "Function" object.


c2_callFunction("C2 Function Name", ParameterArray)


c2_callFunction("UpdateText", ["Updated From Browser!"]);


JS <--> C2 Example

Demo Download

Real Life Usage Example

There are a ton of useful and well-tested JS scripts out there which we can just use them. In this example, we will try to remove HTML tags from a text. To implement this logic and function in C2, we might need to create a complex eventsheet or create a plugin of our own. However, by using c2_callFunction, we can just have the functionality with a few lines of code.

Check intex.html and look for this script.

Example Download

This is my FIRST tutorial and hope it's helpful and useful!

Cheers! ^.^


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