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You do not need complicated code for breakout game or fancy sprites. I will show you breakout in less than 10 line of code. Construct 2 so versatile and adaptable one cannot fathom it. All one needs is imagination and little self-confidence and you can create magnificent, breathtaking games. Let’s start

Create new project and name it Breakout.

1. Window size 768, 480

2. Full screen off

3. Pause on unfocused we don’t to let game play on while someone is calling

Now create 4 layers and name it Background, Bricks, Ball & Bat, Score.

Set background any colour you like. Create spires Ball, Bat, etc

for bricking bricks effects Block Particles

1. Background choice of colour or tile, and add wall both side Left & Right set Invisible and Lock it

2. On bricks layout add bricks Lock it

3. On Ball & Bat add sprite Ball and Bat and Lock it

4. On score create Text and name it Score

Your screen should look like below:

Now all set open Event Editor and add this lines below:

Add Global Variable Score = 0

Game is done I hope you will learn something from this. Feel free to use these sprite for your project God Bless


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