A Beginner's Guide to using Audio files in Construct 2

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Hello Everybody,


As this is a beginner's guide. I will using basic knowledge for this Tutorial.


So let's get started.


First we need to start our project. Then we must enable audio for our project.

So by going to the Layout and right clicking.

We get the add new object. Once we click on add new object, We need to select the audio feature.Which enable audio in your project.


Next we have to add audio files to our project.

On the right side on construct 2 is projects tab, Layers tab, objects tab and Tilemap tab.

We will need to select the the project tab.

Once the project tab is active.

Scroll down to the folders that say sounds and music.

Now you could put all your audio files in ether folder, But it is best to sort them as to what they are used for. Background music should go in Music and action noises should go in the Sounds folder.

So next we need to right click on the folder we wish to add music to.

Next click import sounds. By doing so it will bring up the select files for computer window.

Please note supported files needed are .oog and .m4a for mobile devices and .wav for web.


If you need your audio files converted for all those formats there are tons of free online audio conversion web sites that can do the task for you in just minutes.


I upload all formats as my designs are for multiple platforms and I would rather not have sound issues on the users device. Which could cost you bad reviews and future install of your games.


Once we have our files loaded in construct 2. We can add them to our project.


So now we need to go to the event sheet for the layout we wish to have sound on.


You can add sounds to almost any event you have created, But for this beginner's guide We will just create a new event.

Choose: system event / on start of layout

Now add an action: Audio: play (audio file) select your audio file.

Next it asks if the audio file should be ( looping or not looping ) in the drop down menu.

Then It ask you to set volume. Set this as desired. By default it is set to "0" this is the standard setting for most games.

Ok! Now here is the most Important setting for the Audio File in Construct 2.



I can not stress this part enough.

This object should not be an optional setting. If it where up to me. I would have have it default to the Audio file name to eliminate the issues that so many people face. When it comes to understanding how to implement the advanced sound settings in Construct 2. So since you will probably run in to issues trying to use the audio files for Multiple tasks in your projects. You must get in the habit of setting the TAG's Field. I just copy/paste the sound file name in this field. That way I know which audio file I am looking to add to a specific event.


If you have set the Tag's it makes creating on/off buttons, loops, and function calls much easier as you can just call the file by it's name and save you hundreds of hours of head aches trying to understand techie lingo that has no place in a drag and drop html 5 Editor/Creator.


Construct 2 has tons of great features and Ease of use is awesome even for a beginner to create any kind of game they want in just a few hours.


Example games I have created Car Racing, Memory Match, Bubble witch clone, Angry Birds clone and yes like almost every body here a Flappy Bird clone.


75% of the of your games will be easy drag and drop with minimal events which make construct 2 a great platform game creator.

Thanks for reading this beginners guide to using audio files in your project. Have fun and Enjoy. JC


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