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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

Finishing touches

We're nearly done. Let's add some final touches.

Firstly, let's have some monsters regularly spawning, otherwise once you've shot all the monsters there's nothing left to do. We'll create a new monster every 3 seconds. Add a new event:

Condition: SystemEvery X seconds3

Action: SystemCreate object, Monster, layer 0 (that's the main layer), X: LayoutWidth + 100, Y: random(LayoutHeight)

Note the position is a random place along the right edge of the layout. That's where monsters will come from. We also create them 100 pixels further to the right so the player can't see them suddenly appear at the edge, they will instead come in from the outside.

Finally, let's have ghosts kill the player.

Condition: MonsterOn collision with another objectPlayer

Action: PlayerDestroy

Some ideas to try

Want to go a bit further? Here are some ideas for some extra things to add:

  • Make the player get points for hitting monsters as well as killing them. You can adjust the score gained for each case.
  • Make the monsters slowly speed up over time, so they're harder to hit and avoid.
  • Add another kind of enemy!
  • Add an alternative kind of weapon, which uses a different mouse button or keyboard control.
  • Add the Audio object, import some sound files, and add sound effects or music.
  • Add a title screen. Use the System object Go to layout action to switch between them.
  • Introduce some scenery or obstacles in the level design.
  • Add a "Game over" screen, or make something else happen when the player dies.


Congratulations, you've made your first game in Construct! If you want to show off your work, use MenuProjectExport. You can publish to the Scirra Arcade, or upload to your own web server with the Web (HTML5) export. There are other platforms you can publish to, but you will need a subscription to access the full features of Construct 3.

You've learnt some important basics about Construct: adding objects, using behaviors, events, layers and more. Hopefully this should leave you well prepared to learn more about Construct! Try exploring its features and see what it can do for you.

The finished thing

Click here to open the finished game, or search for Ghost shooter tutorial in the Start Page. It's got some extra features added in like some "Game over" text, and monsters which gradually speed up. There are also lots of comments (simply notes you can add above events) describing how it works.

If you liked this tutorial and think someone you know might also like Construct, why not send them a link to this tutorial? You can help them out if they get stuck ;)

What next?

Want to go further? Here are some ideas on where to go next.

  • Take a look at the tutorial How to learn Construct 3? Next steps for beginners. This is a great guide to follow to continue your journey learning Construct 3!
  • Try some other tutorials in the tutorials section of the website!
  • Take a look at the Construct 3 manual, which includes a section with more information on How events work.
  • Browse the examples in the Start Page. They show off all kinds of features in Construct.
  • Try out the demo games in the Start Page. You can also try to "hack" them, like trying to figure out what to change in the events to give yourself unlimited lives, faster movement or more powerful weapons.
  • Get involved in the community!
  • Purchase a subscription and try out the full features of Construct 3!

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