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Enabling iOS PhoneGap builds

The rest of these steps are for building on PhoneGap. For other platforms like CocoonJS the steps will be different; refer to the relevant documentation for the system you are using.

To allow PhoneGap to build iOS apps for you, it'll need your .mobileprovision file and your iOS development certificate. You've got your .mobileprovision file so let's get your development certificate, which will be a .p12 file.

Note: these instructions are based on PhoneGap's instructions for iOS builds which you might also find helpful.

Open Keychain Access on your Mac. Under Category, click Certificates. You should be able to see the iOS development certificate you created earlier. It should say something like iPhone Developer: Joe Bloggs (ABCXYZ). Right-click on it and select Export. Make sure Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format is selected and click Save.

You'll need to enter a password. You'll also need to enter this to PhoneGap in a moment.

Now you should have a .mobileprovision file, a .p12 file for your certificate, and a password for it. If you're on a borrowed Mac, you can go back to your PC now! You can use a USB drive to copy these files to your PC. However, Macs cannot write to drives formatted in the NTFS Windows format - you might need to create a FAT32 partition for the Mac to write to.

Add to your PhoneGap profile

Go to PhoneGap Build and edit your account. Under Signing, click add a key under iOS. Now you can upload your .p12 file, your .mobileprovision file, and type in the password you entered for your certificate. Click Create and PhoneGap now knows you're an iOS developer.

Build your app for iOS

Edit your app on PhoneGap Build. Click Signing. Under iOS, you should now be able to select your iOS development profile. PhoneGap will now build you an iOS app for testing on your device.

Run the app on your device

You can now download your iOS app as a .ipa file. To get it on your device, plug in your device with the USB cable and open iTunes. (This works on both a Mac and a PC.) Make sure iTunes is showing an Apps category - you can enable it from Preferences if it's not there. Now you can click and drag your .ipa file in to iTunes' Apps. Sync apps to your device and it should now be there to run! (At last!)

You should now be able to build and run iOS apps for testing with PhoneGap!

Using Windows

Once you've got PhoneGap set up for iOS builds, you can stick to your PC. You can upload new versions of your app to PhoneGap, build them, download the .ipa and drag it to iTunes all on Windows. This is a lot more convenient than having to switch to the Mac all the time.


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  • Hi, i have followed all this tutorial here and got my .ipa file. But when i run the app, it just showed cordova splash screeb and then force close.

    I think we need full tutorial about set up the file especially the config.xml.

    Do you guys,have tutorial on building this app for the latest version?