The Basic of Local Storage (Setting, Getting, and Displaying) Value

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Hi everyone.,

This is a simple tutorial that can help you understanding LocalStorage.,

When The first time I learn about LocalStorage I found it sooo Hard to Understand. Because as I know this is the revision of Web Storage to Save Value to Device's Storage.

So When I know a little about, it I decide to make one tutorial.

Basically These are 2 things that how we want to do with LocalStorage:

1. We want to make a HighScore system that if our Current Score is Higher than previous Score, We then Set our Current Score as HighScore.

2. We want our HighScore to be saved to our Device's Storage so when we play it later, There Still a HighScore to Beat.

I Will Provide you a Simple Capx File that you can Learn to do those things above.

The Explanation of The Code also Attached so you Can Understand what those Codes Do.

Feel Free to Ask if you find hard to understand, but I am Still a beginner tough.,!




Download now 172.87 KB

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