Basic bidding system with dictionary. Learning Events examples.

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This is a basic bidding system to bid on an ingame item. The provided capx is for beginners who want to know how do the listed events. This is not by any means a perfect way to set the bidding system up. Mostly just examples for beginners how use use certain features and plugins.

Sprite Font



Global Variables

System > every x seconds

Goto layout on event (in this case time runs out)

Using & to append text + reading instance variables

hope this helps a few beginners out there to get started.

Later I'll post the same thing, but using Ajax to read different file types and how you can use Sprite object with multiple frames for custom image countdown.

As well as a basic multiplayer version showing how to export and upload your multiplayer game so others around the web can play.

Note: the timer here is for educational purposes in the respective events, not the best or even proper way to do timers.



Download now 234.27 KB

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