Auto-tiling with AutoTileGen and TileMaps

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AutoTileGen is software for generating terrain-based tilemaps from 3 input images. For example:

These 3 images:

Resulted in this tilemap:

Which can be used to make maps like this:

This attached annotated capx shows how to integrate the generated tilemaps with C2's tilemap plugin.


07/28/15 Update: AutoTileGen v2.0 came out a few months ago. It has some very nice improvements, but the order of the tiles has changed when exporting. I've update the attached capx, and 2nd image above to reflect the new order. The capx will only work on tilemaps exported in v2.0 or later.



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  • If I could find out how to have the blank tiles(where erased in the editor no realtime), can be tile 20, that would work better too and fill in the rest. PLUS, left click does not work at all.

  • This does not seem to work correctly. For tile 20, for example, it changes it to tile 9 no matter what atg layout I use.