Arrays for Beginners

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Manipulating the array

You've seen how to change the values in the array. We can also manipulate the elements that make up the array by inserting and deleting elements and by rearranging them.

[5] Let's use the Insert action to add a new element with the value "cow" before the "mouse".

You can see that inserting a new element has increased the Width of the array to 6.

[6] Let's make the elephant disappear:


[7] Pushing inserts a new element at the front or back of the array. We can push a "tiger" onto the front of the array:

[8] Popping removes an element from the front or back of the array. We can pop the dog from the back of the array:

[9] Finally, we can sort the array - numerically or in alphabetical order:

[10] And we can reverse the order:


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  • Hi, what's going on with second and other pages of this tutorial - it shows just an error...

  • Thank you very much.

    With new version we can change WebStorage plugin to LocalStorage plugin, And use LocalStorage On item "array_save_example" event for set animals when LocalStorage Get item "array_save_example" loaded

    1. btn loadArray on clicked > LocalStorage Get item "array_save_example"

    2. LocalStorage On item "array_save_example" get > animals Load from Json string LocalStorage.ItemValue

    • Thanks for trying to provide an update to the Webstorage reference. i'm totally lost from your update however. i'll have to find a more up to date tutorial.

  • Thanks for very good and important topic with detailed explanation

  • Best writing on arrays

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