api 1.0 preparing game for tizen

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This tutorial is licensed under CC BY 4.0. Please refer to the license text if you wish to reuse, share or remix the content contained within this tutorial.

OK I've had allot of people having trouble getting there game uploaded to tizen and a request to make a tut so here it is

installing sdk

If you have not installed the tizen sdk go here download and install the tizen sdk.

opening project runner

Ok now go into the tizen sdk in the file directory and go to Tizen-sdk/ide/ide.exe .

making new project

When it asks where you want your work bench pick an empty folder.

When it loads go to the projects explorer panel to the right of the screen,

right click and go to new-tizen web project.

A new window will pop up pick any type of project you want it will be over written

for this tut I will call it tizenproj.

moving config file

Open your tizenproj in your file system and make a sub folder called config

now drop the config.xml file in configfolder.

exporting c2 game

Now open your c2 project and export it to tizenproj.

After the export is comlete go to tizenproj in the file system and delete config.js now go to tizenproj/config and drop config.xml in tizen proj.


If you have followed the previos steps, click the blue play button in the top of the screen. in the new window select your project tizenproj, set the bullet option launch mode to "run" , and set the list to type to "tizen web simulator application" and click ok. Now you can veiw your game

preparing config file

Now to export it you need to work on the config.xml .

First go to the overveiw

in the config file and set the identifier to yourdomain/tizenproj ,

set your name, version, primary file, and icon file.

Then go to the tizen tab in the config file

nd youl see the id we will change the source soon because when you update an application it has to have the same id as the previous version and you need something easy to remember.

Below it youl see the version this is the API set it to 2.2 to enter it in the contest you need 2.2 so this is very important

Set the rest of those properties how ever you want.

Set the screen size feature

Ok this is very important because you can not upload with tizen api 2.2 unless you have this set.

go to the features tab and click add, click on the feature and paste the URL bellow.


repeat to add this feature


Now to set the id

In the source go to the 3rd row and set the id, it must be a "10 digit code having upper and lower case letters and numbers." make its something you can remember.

For mine i did my first name lowercase middle and last initials upper case and my age.


and the set the package to the code


you are almost ready to build the wgt file

building wgt file

save your work and with config.xml selected in the project explorer. In navagation bar select (project-build project) It will start to build it and run into a signing error click on the link it shows add a profile then generate a certificate. Click apply and then ok and finish building it and were ready to upload it to your tizen account.

ps. dismiss all other errors

passing the back button issue

scirra has seemed to fix it give me feed back about what you know

post your entree here


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