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Has anyone got trouble making animated sprites for Construct 2? Is anyone is better artist? If you are then no need for you to read this. This tutorial is for worst and most horrible person whom cannot draw like me? If you can’t beat them just try this little tutorial.

I bet Ashley is no better artist but, creating C2 Bright, Intelligent, and Knowledgeable Intellectual person

All you need is Adobe Flash CS6 or just flash version you have. Open flash and create new project and set Canvas size on your sprites. Example 128 x 128 or whatever you think is best.

I am sorry if you do not know how to use flash or flash scripts, I am not here to teach you that. So sorry.

Once you have done your animation in your flash then do this:

Export as MOVIE name.gif

Once this file is EXPORTED save it as flash file too. If need it you can make correction and then export it again.

Open Construct 2

Create project name it your choice

Insert sprite here what you should do is Import Frames and then tweak the animation as you like

Bingo you will have your own animation.

I have included the little Capx not much but if you look and see there is button created in Flash too



Download now 487.25 KB

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