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01/28/16 algorithm updated to v.1.1

(improved performance and bug fixes)

Hi, everyone!

I wasn't the first one C2 user who wanted to animate tilemaps. However C2 tilemap plugin doesn't have such functionality. So I've created my own algorithm for this purpose. I must warn you that this method is based on loops so it possibly won't be suitable for mobile games (because of heavy CPU load and low FPS as a result), but if you're working on a desktop or web-based game you shouldn't worry.

However to have this method work properly you have to follow these three basic rules:

1 - each animation in one tilemap must consist of the same number of frames

2 - quantity of tiles in each row of your animated tilemap must be the multiple of sum of frames in your animations

3 - place only first frames of your animations in editor

All the details you'll find in the heavily commented .capx file that was included in this tutorial.

Hope that you'll find my algorithm useful. Good luck and have fun!



Download now 189.61 KB

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