2d Game Fundamentals

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Basics of 2d game making

A series of tutorials


I am in the process of writing a series of tutorials introducing concepts that need to be understood in order to make 2d games. This series is aimed at absolute beginners, but does assume you have a basic understanding of logic and math, but let me know if something is difficult to follow and I will do my best to include more information or links to relevant sites.

If you are having trouble with understanding how construct 2 works, you should visit the manual and read it. The manual is very extensive and provides more than enough information to get up to speed with using construct 2. Google is also your new best friend. Research is an enormous component to learning to make games and making games.

Basic 2d game concepts

Basic coordinates:

Understanding X,Y Coordinates and Screen Space

Basic Rotations:

Understanding Rotation and Angles

I will continually add to this as I write articles.

Have fun!


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