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Construct 3 r94.2

Hotfix for r94

29 March, 2018 () Last updated on 29 March, 2018 ()

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This release is a hotfix for an error that could appear on startup. (The error message would reference "PersistantMap".) Hopefully this issue is now resolved and will no longer cause any problems. We also slipped in a fix for one more minor issue relating to Sprites incorrectly changing their initial frames.

We released r94 as a stable release yesterday, so in case you missed it, you can review the r94 release notes here.

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Bug Fixes

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Possible error on startup referencing PersistantMap
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Sprite: incorrect layout initial frame updates when deleting frames in the Animations Editor

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  • Maybe next update, they should fix the controller support, it never worked when I tried using them from the tutorials on youtube.

  • nice nice nice! You achieved a new renown badge Ashley the bug crusher! Boost with your new status to your friends! ^_^