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07 March, 2018 ()

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It's a new stable release of Construct 3! If you're updating from the last stable release r85, then this update includes changes from r86, r87, r88, r88.2 and r88.3. For full details see those changelogs, but some highlights include:

- Lots of bug fixes, including for Firefox, the Animations Editor, the desktop build, and making sure the UI state of event sheets is remembered

- You can now opt-in to beta releases. Simply choose "Notify me about beta releases" in the Settings dialog. Beta releases are more frequent and bring you new features sooner, but note they can have more bugs in them!

- The Spanish and Czech translations are now enabled by default. Thanks to our contributors!

- We've launched a new Addon Exchange where you can find addons to use with Construct 3, including a new Greenworks plugin for C3! There are now also links to the Addon Exchange in the editor.

- Our designer Paulo has made a new loading splash image for stable releases!

We'll be starting a new beta release update cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the new beta release opt-in. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • Sweet, love the UI state of event sheets is remembered! Finally I can drag and drop those groups without them opening up to the 400 events inside :D

  • Guys I am dying for you to please let me select more than one frame in an animation at one time. Like having to select and delete frames one by one is bonkers. Please?? Pretty please??