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07 February, 2018 ()

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Due to a bug in our release system we've been shipping beta releases to since our first stable release r71. This should now be fixed, so from this build onwards, will only serve the latest stable release. To use beta releases you'll need to visit its dedicated URL, e.g. We'll include reminders in the next few beta releases about this. Later down the line we will probably also add a separate update system for those of you who'd like to opt-in to beta updates as well.

As for this build, there's nothing new in this specific release - we're simply transferring r84 to the stable channel. This is to make sure there aren't any last-minute breaking changes in a stable update. In case you missed them, you can see the full release notes for past releases on the releases page.

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  • Thank you, Scirra Bros!

  • How often are stable releases to be expected? I kinda liked the constant flow of updates, despite beeing possibly unstable. Stability wise I haven´t encountered any crashes for quite some time now so that seems to be fine.

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      • Tom
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      Beta releases can be expected on a regular basis. Stable releases less frequently. Beta releases may introduce new bugs or breaking changes so be sure you're aware of this if you do decided to use our latest betas.

      • Yeah I´m aware, I´ll stick to the stable releases if I do bigger stuff and probably use beta releases for tinkering. That stable releases will be "less frequently" is what I expected, I hoped for an estimate like "every 4-6 weeks" so I can sort of expect when juicy new features will drop into the stable version.

  • Just trying C3 for the first time and love the animation preview function.

  • Thank you for taking care of your users! <3

  • r84 crashed 4 times hope r85 has the fix

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      • Ashley
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      Please report bugs here following all the guidelines otherwise it probably won't be investigated:

  • HURRAY \o/

  • Hello, I was left with a question, you said that they will delay the use of the C3 runtime to prevent work done with C2 from breaking, and then follow the runtime flow: C2, C2.3 and finally C3. But if you can individualize the beta and stable versions of the update system, why do not you already work on the C3 runtime release in a separate update? So new designs would make full use of the new runtime, and anyone who needs full compatibility with C2 projects would use a separate update. I do not understand technical feasibility, it's just a suggestion out of curiosity. Thank you.