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Construct 3 r317

Search improvements; improved subfolder support; hide instance variables & lots more

01 November, 2022 ()
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It's a new stable release of Construct! If you're updating from the last stable release r308.2, then this update includes changes from r309, r310, r311, r312, r313, r314, r315 and r316. Highlights include:

Subfolders in the Project Bar are now saved to real subfolders in project folders. The first time you save a folder project will update it. Filenames also now preserve case.

Exported projects can now also use real subfolders matching the Project Bar. This is set by the Export file structure property in the advanced section of Project Properties. New projects use the new folders mode, but existing projects will keep using the old "flat" mode for backwards compatibility, as using real folders means updating the paths to project files referenced by a string.

Find all references and Find results have been improved, with a new toolbar, new filtering options, and better usability

Instance variables have a new option allowing them to be hidden in the Properties Bar

⭐ The Audio object now supports stereo panning (in addition to the existing positioned sounds feature)

Multiplayer now supports keeping peer connections when the host disconnects from the signalling server. We're now also providing a Scirra-hosted TURN server to improve connectivity - see this thread for more details.

⭐ Various improvements to the ease editor and timelines

⭐ A new system expression chooseindex and a Timeline Controller Ease expression to access ease curves directly

Cursor is over object and Is touching object are now much faster when used with large numbers of instances

⭐ Various scripting improvements, including new APIs, events and autocomplete improvements. If you're interested in JavaScript coding, see also our new Command & Construct game development project, which aims to demonstrate the professional coding capabilities of Construct.

⭐ The zh-TW (aka Traditional Chinese) language is now enabled by default. Thanks to the translation contributors!

⭐ Even more changes, improvements and bug fixes - see all the intervening release notes for full details.

We'll be starting a new beta release cycle soon. If you'd like to help test it, try the beta release opt-in: choose Notify me about updates for beta releases in Settings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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  • You should add a 3D platformer behavior or a better shadow light

  • Thank you for the software and for constant updates. Glad to be part of it and see Construct grows. 👍

  • I thought it couldn't be better, but you've proven me wrong. These features are superior!!

  • Find filter and hidden variables are both great. Thanks for those, thanks for listening to user feedback, and thanks for the summary videos for stable releases.

  • Thanks for your update! (Especially this: Traditional Chinese language is now enabled by default)


    雖然Construct 3在我所在的區域似乎不是那麼的熱門,但我還是非常熱愛這套軟體!

  • The updated search functionality is useful, but when searching a second time using Ctrl+F, standard search field behavior is to select the pre-existing text to more quickly change the search query.

    Try it in Chrome and you'll see what I mean.

  • Also would be perfect if AJAX cand handle error, (Exception error). Because at this time AJAX doesn't return a response if there's an error. And in most of cases the error message comes inside the response, or minimun to add the function to detect and handle the HTTP status codes for more personalizated error messages.

    P.S.: Excellent update guys!

  • Awesome work, great team!

  • Glad to see constant ease of development updates. Love the multiplayer update, see big hope for monetizable games in it.

  • Keep them coming!

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