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Construct 3 r210.2

Patch release for r210

10 August, 2020 ()
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This release works around a bug in Google's Closure Compiler that could cause problems with audio playback on some platforms when using 'Advanced' minify mode.

The original release video is included above again, and in case you missed them, see the r210 release notes for more details about everything that's new since r204.2.

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Bug Fixes

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Work around Closure Compiler bug breaking audio playback in some exports

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  • Guys, I love construct but please the next time you decide to make breaking changes like the minification improvements, let your community know months before that. I have a lot of custom plugins I made and some others from third party that now are preventing me to minify my games with the advanced minification, and the simple minification either fails or takes forever. And for my plugins, I just got backlogged a ton of them to be updated just to make my games work as they were before this update... These decisions only cause the community to shrink and demotivate....

    • Same problem i have bro :( and i cant roll back to previews version because i saved the project on this version. That sucks...

      • I know, these decisions doesn't seem to had been taken seriously considering the number of people that will be affected... They should roll back the minification to its previous version and re-think it.

  • When you click "Back" in the Browser plugin, the game exits completely, and does not perform the prescribed actions

  • Ashley, what do you think of that:

    Will this be implemented?

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  • wakelock not working?

  • This new version breaks all the time ... :(

  • where can I find the desktop version download please?

    My current desktop version won't run anymore

  • I'm trying to export my project. Export it as Debug APK (android) in two version: with no minify and with simple minifying. Both version is success on building the APK.

    When tested on the phone, both version is fails when app is run for the first time. The loading splash screen logo is shown (but it set No in the project), and stuck on loading layout (my app logo). But when app is run for the second time, it works.

  • Advanced minification still breaks the HTML5 export. It results in a number of errors and is evident by broken Audio playback.

  • Please help, we must launch ower project soon and with this update i cant export anymore. Its stuck at minifying script and after a while i get "Failed to export project".

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      • Ashley
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      I just tried exporting Ghost Shooter with advanced minify mode and it worked fine. In general the only way we can deal with any problems is by filing an issue following all the guidelines - we need all that information to be able to help.

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