Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r92

Ads for Instant Games and some bug fixes

20 March, 2018 ()

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This release adds support for ads in Instant Games, including interstitial ads and rewarded video ads. We're planning on adding IAP support for Instant Games too, which will further help monetise the new Instant Games platform. This update also bumps the Instant Games SDK version to 6.1.

There are two fairly significant fixes in this release too, one of which in certain circumstances could result in corrupt projects, so we're keen to get a release out with the fix for that. Additionally the Pathfinding behavior may not have worked correctly in Cordova on iOS (there are some incredibly tight restrictions on WKWebView which can make it hard to get all features working!) - hopefully that will be working better now.

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New Additions

7 favourites
Layout view: warn when dropping instances in to a locked or hidden layer
13 favourites
Instant Games: support for showing interstitial and rewarded video ads
6 favourites
Instant Games: 'Create home screen shortcut' action (Android only)


7 favourites
Instant Games: update to SDK v6.1

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Saving a project after deleting an object which uses certain kinds of expressions could result in a corrupt project
3 favourites
Pathfinding behavior: web worker did not start up in Cordova iOS

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