Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r88.3

A few more bug fixes before stable release

05 March, 2018 ()

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We'd like to do a new stable release soon - hopefully Wednesday if all goes to plan - but we have a few more bug fixes we want to get in to that release. To make sure these changes don't break anything else we're doing one more bug fixing release in advance of that.

Also, congratulations to the Portuguese (BR) translation contributors who recently reached 100%! We'll be reviewing the translation over the next couple of weeks and assuming all goes well we should be able to enable it by default. There are 9 other languages currently in progress (over 10% and available in the editor) - if you'd like to get involved, see this forum post.

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2 favourites
Improved error message in case invalid version used when exporting for Cordova
1 favourites
Improved layout of the Cordova options dialog

Bug Fixes

2 favourites
Possible hang dragging folder over item in Project Bar
2 favourites
Crash dragging and dropping conditions/actions from one event sheet view to another
1 favourites
Desktop build: deleting project files did not always remove them from a folder-based project
3 favourites
Desktop build: didn't always restore the window size correctly

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  • Thank you for the Desktop build fix for restoring the window size and panels,


    Keep up the good job!