Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r88

Beta opt-in; Spanish & Czech languages; lots of additions and fixes

26 February, 2018 ()

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From this release onwards, you can now opt-in to beta releases. Simply open the main menu, select Settings, and in the new Updates section select "Notify me about updates for Beta releases". Now you will see a notification when a new beta release comes out, allowing you to easily stay up-to-date with the latest beta if you so wish. (Previously beta users would not see any notifications.)

We've also completely rewritten the Google Play plugin to work on Android. A while back Google annoyingly pulled the plug on allowing the Web API to work in Android apps (we still don't know why). We now switch to a secondary API when in Android Cordova apps to use the native API and make sure the plugin keeps working. Note this requires a considerably different process to configure Google Play Game Services; we'll be providing additional documentation to cover this soon.

This release also adds a few quality-of-life features like extra keyboard shortcuts and menu options. We've also got a bunch of bug fixes, including more for the desktop build. Note previously if you used the desktop build there wasn't a convenient way to use beta releases. Now however there's a new desktop build download that is tied to the latest beta release - see this thread for more details. Additionally from the next stable release, you'll also be able to use the beta opt-in with the standard desktop download.

Finally, we're very pleased to release the Spanish and Czech languages as enabled by default! Many thanks to our contributors who helped with translation; we will be sending out rewards shortly. We're also very close to having the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation finished - it currently stands at 98%. Hopefully we'll be able to release that one soon as well! If you'd like to help get involved, see this forum post to get started.

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New Additions

12 favourites
Settings dialog: can now opt-in to be notified about new beta releases
11 favourites
Google Play plugin: now supported in Android apps
7 favourites
Dictionary editor: context menu items for addition and removal of rows
8 favourites
Project bar: folder context menus to expand/collapse all
6 favourites
Desktop build: Ctrl+W shortcut to close current tab
9 favourites
Event sheet view: + and - shortcuts to insert event above or below

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Desktop build: sometimes renaming items could cause folder-based projects to fail to load
4 favourites
Desktop build: project could save incorrectly after importing files
4 favourites
Desktop build: project could fail to load if using unsupported audio formats
2 favourites
Physics: could freeze after loading a savegame if also had 'No save' behavior
5 favourites
Event sheet view: drag/drop events did not remember their expanded/collapsed state
4 favourites
Event sheet view: make sure UI state restores after closing and reopening tab
4 favourites
Layout view: shift+arrow keys now nudges 10 cells when snap-to-grid enabled
8 favourites
Cloning an object type now adds the clone to the same families
4 favourites
Parameters dialog: expression autocomplete could sometimes unnecessarily delete text to the right of the caret
2 favourites
Touch: could double-trigger events in an iframe if 'Use mouse input' enabled
3 favourites
Editor UI should now correctly recover if an error occurs during export
3 favourites
Mobile Advert: possible issue when setting app id
3 favourites
Mobile Advert: fixed compatibility on older versions of iOS

SDK updates

6 favourites
Can no longer install a developer addon with same ID as existing addon

Language updates

3 favourites
Enabled Czech language by default
4 favourites
Enabled Spanish language by default

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