Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r87

Project saving/opening improvements; some additions and fixes

19 February, 2018 ()

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We're making some improvements to highlight the difference between stable and beta releases. This build will tell you in the page title and About dialog whether you're using a beta or stable release so it's easier to find out. We've also improved some aspects of saving and opening projects. In particular previously if you tried to open a project in an older version of C3 than the one it was saved in, it would just say "Failed to open project". From this release onwards you should see a more useful error message telling you which version the project was saved in and which version you're using.

There's also a new GetDefault expression for the Dictionary object to return a custom value if the key is missing. The Physics behavior has also been updated to better handle changing object sizes as the object is moving. As ever there are a few more other bug fixes.

Remember that you must visit this beta release directly to use it. Click the Launch r87 button above to use this release. Unfortunately at the moment users on r86 won't be automatically notified when a new beta release comes out; we hope to add some new notifications to help people opt-in to beta releases and stay up-to-date with them if they're happy to use them.

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New Additions

5 favourites
The title and About dialog now indicate if you are using a beta release
5 favourites
Dictionary: 'GetDefault' expression (get a key or return custom value if missing)


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Improved error message if trying to open a project saved in a newer version of C3. This will only take effect from this version onwards.
4 favourites
Physics: improved handling of changing object size

Bug Fixes

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Array: reversing Z axis incorrectly changed the size of the array
7 favourites
Desktop build: 'Request fullscreen' did not work in preview
1 favourites
'Uses own texture' property could falsely indicate 'Yes' depending on editor settings
1 favourites
Crash when loading a project with a tilemap instance that was saved with a negative size
2 favourites
Cloud save/open dialog not scrolling in Firefox
2 favourites
Save could fail after choosing "save and close" when closing a project

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